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World’s 1st Voice Banking AI and Spatial Banking Solution Provider.

Future-proof your
Financial Products with AI.

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Trusted by 60+ Financial Institutions

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Empowering the future of finance with cutting-edge AI, enabling smarter decisions and innovative solutions.

Mr., Aroof Shaikh

Founder & CEO

Experience the next generation of intuitive Banking

Intuitive spatial banking transforms traditional financial management into a more engaging and efficient experience. By leveraging augmented reality and 3D interfaces, users can visualize and interact with their financial data spatially, making complex transactions and budget planning more understandable and accessible. This innovation promises to simplify banking through immersive technology.


Vifi Space : World's First AI-Powered Spatial Banking

Banking in Vision Pro revolutionizes financial services with cutting-edge AI and spatial technology. Seamlessly blending digital innovation with physical spaces, it offers a personalized banking experience like never before. Say hello to the future of banking, where convenience meets sophistication, only with Banking in Vision Pro.

our portfolio

Trusted by 60+ Financial Institutions

Here are some of our best creations; has transformed leading financial institutions across Europe and the Middle East by integrating groundbreaking, futuristic technologies. Our innovative solutions have redefined customer experiences and operational efficiencies in the banking sector, positioning our clients at the forefront of the digital finance revolution. We empower banks to navigate the complexities of modern finance with cutting-edge technology and strategic insights. 

Vifi AI: GenAI for Banking

Transform your banking experience with our cutting-edge GenAI. Utilize voice or text commands to seamlessly manage accounts, transactions, and more—all from an on-premises solution that ensures maximum data privacy and security under your bank’s control. Trained on a customer-specific Large Language Model (LLM), VIFI AI offers continuous updates and real-time learning, providing a secure, personalized, and evolving banking experience.

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World's First AI-Powered Spatial Banking

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Experience the future of banking with – the world’s first AI-Powered Spatial Banking solution. Seamlessly integrating AI and spatial technology, we redefine convenience and efficiency. Welcome to a new era of personalized banking experiences.

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