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3rd largest bank in Bulgaria

Founded in

$5+ Billion in assets

Fibank Digital Leap

We successfully implemented a full-scale digital transformation to elevate Fibank’s customer experience.

Boosted transaction speeds by 50%, reduced system downtime by 40%, increased customer acquisitions by 20%.

Continuously optimize and update their digital tools to support ongoing growth and innovation.


The Challenge: A Call for Innovation

In the bustling world of finance, there existed an old banking application that was slowly becoming a relic of the past. Fibank, a prominent name in the banking sector, was navigating through the digital age with a mobile app that was functional but no longer fit for the future.  In an industry driven by relentless innovation and customer satisfaction, staying updated isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity.

Recognizing the need to overhaul their mobile banking experience, Fibank approached, a leader in digital transformation solutions. The mission was clear: rejuvenate the Fibank mobile app into a cutting-edge tool that could enhance customer engagement and streamline banking operations. and Fibank:

Revolutionizing Mobile Banking Experience

The Journey Begins: Crafting the Ultimate User Experience

Our journey began with understanding the core needs of Fibank’s customers and stakeholders. The team, comprising expert UI/UX designers, developers, and project managers, embarked on a comprehensive analysis to pinpoint the limitations of the existing app and identify opportunities for innovation.

The design phase was all about creating a seamless and intuitive user interface. Our UI/UX team devised a clean, modern design that not only looked appealing but significantly improved usability. Large, clear fonts, a cohesive color scheme reflective of Fibank’s brand, and streamlined navigation paths were developed to ensure that even the least tech-savvy users could perform banking transactions with ease.

The Development Phase: Building a Robust Framework

Turning these designs into reality was our skilled team of developers. They engineered a robust, scalable, and secure platform using the latest technologies. The back-end systems were upgraded to handle increased traffic and ensure data security, a critical component in the banking industry. We integrated advanced features such as biometric authentication, personalized financial insights, and real-time notifications to keep the users engaged and informed.

During the development phase, regular feedback sessions were held with Fibank to ensure the app aligned perfectly with their vision and business objectives. This collaborative approach helped in fine-tuning the application to better fit the needs of the end-users.

Rolling Out and Continuous Improvement

After rigorous testing and quality assurance, the new Fibank mobile app was launched. It was an instant hit. Customers embraced the new features, praising the app’s ease of use and the enhanced security measures. But our story doesn’t end with the launch. At, we believe in continuous improvement. Our team has been consistently monitoring user feedback and app performance to introduce regular updates and new features.

Transforming Customer Engagement and Business Operations

The impact of the new mobile banking app on Fibank’s business was profound. The app has become a cornerstone of Fibank’s strategy to enhance customer engagement. With features like instant block-unblock of cards, personalized financial advice, and support for wearable devices, the app offers a banking experience that is not only functional but delightful.

Moreover, the improved app has significantly reduced the load on Fibank’s physical branches and customer service centers. Customers can solve most of their banking issues right from their mobile devices, leading to higher customer satisfaction and reduced operational costs for Fibank.

The Future Looks Bright

As we continue our journey with Fibank, the horizon is bright with possibilities. is committed to pushing the boundaries of what a banking app can achieve. With plans to integrate more AI-driven features and expand the app’s capabilities, the future of mobile banking looks promising. Our ongoing partnership with Fibank is a testament to our dedication to excellence and innovation in the digital world.

This transformation story of Fibank’s mobile app is more than just a project for us at; it’s a commitment to revolutionizing how banking is done. It’s about making banking not just easier but also more secure, more intuitive, and more in tune with the user’s needs. The journey of redefining mobile banking continues, and is leading the way, one innovative solution at a time.

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