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Increase in Net Income

80+ financial centers

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2.37 billion BGN

Municipal Bank Introduction to Mobile Banking

Tailored interfaces and functionalities increased user transactions by 30%.

Customer satisfaction soared by 25% due to enhanced mobile banking accessibility.

Provides continuous updates and 24/7 support, reducing downtime by 40%.

The Challenge: Venturing into the Digital Frontier

In the heart of Bulgaria, Municipal Bank stood as a trusted institution with a rich history and a strong connection to local communities. However, as the digital wave swept across the banking industry, Municipal Bank faced a critical challenge: it lacked a digital presence. This traditional bank, revered for its personal touch, found itself at a crossroads, needing to embrace technology while preserving its core values.

Enter, known for transforming legacy operations into digital leaders. Municipal Bank partnered with us to chart a new course into the digital world, an ambitious leap from traditional banking to a dynamic, digital-first approach. and Municipal Bank:

Pioneering Digital Transformation in Bulgaria

The Strategy: Building from the Ground Up

The journey began with a blank slate, offering an exciting opportunity to craft a digital banking experience that was truly tailor-made for Municipal Bank’s clientele. The initial phase involved extensive consultations with bank executives and stakeholders, gaining insights into the unique needs of their customers and the strategic goals of the bank.

Our team at, encompassing strategists, designers, and technologists, proposed a phased approach to build Municipal Bank’s digital infrastructure. The plan was to develop not just an app, but a comprehensive digital ecosystem that would serve as the foundation for all future digital initiatives.

The Execution: Designing a User-Centric Digital Platform

The first step was to establish a user-friendly, secure online banking platform. Our UI/UX experts designed an intuitive interface that mirrored the simplicity and accessibility of Municipal Bank’s traditional services. The design emphasized ease of navigation and clarity, ensuring that users of all ages and tech-savviness could manage their finances effectively.

Simultaneously, our development team worked on integrating robust backend systems to support the smooth operation of online services. This included setting up secure servers, implementing cutting-edge cybersecurity measures, and developing a scalable architecture to accommodate growing numbers of digital users.

Rollout and Engagement: Introducing a New Era

The launch of Municipal Bank’s digital platform marked a historic moment for the bank. For the first time, customers could access their accounts, make transactions, and apply for loans without stepping foot in a branch. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with users appreciating the convenience and simplicity of the new digital tools at their fingertips.

To ensure the digital transition was seamless, also provided training for bank staff and extensive support to help customers acclimate to the online services. This hands-on approach helped preserve the bank’s reputation for exceptional personal service, now extended into the digital realm.

Impact and Continuous Evolution

The digital transformation brought about significant changes in how Municipal Bank operated and engaged with its customers. There was a notable increase in customer satisfaction as users enjoyed the flexibility and accessibility of digital banking. Additionally, the bank saw an increase in new accounts, especially among younger demographics who prefer digital interactions.

The introduction of digital banking also allowed Municipal Bank to streamline its operations and reduce costs. With fewer daily visitors to branches, the bank could optimize its physical presence and reallocate resources towards further digital innovation and community-focused initiatives.

Looking to the Future

Today, Municipal Bank continues to evolve its digital offerings. With as its partner, the bank is exploring advanced features like AI-driven financial advice, blockchain for secure transactions, and integration of IoT devices for an interconnected banking experience.

Our collaboration with Municipal Bank is not just about bringing banking services online but is a transformative journey that redefines what a community bank can achieve in the digital age. It’s a blend of tradition and innovation, creating a model for digital excellence that remains grounded in community values and customer care. Together, and Municipal Bank are setting new standards in the banking industry, ensuring that every step into the future is as secure as it is forward-thinking.

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