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Increase in Net Income

80+ financial centers

Founded in

2.37 billion BGN

Enhancing UniBank: Focused UX Upgrades

Revamped UI/UX, resulting in a 40% increase in user engagement rates.

Customer satisfaction jumped by 30% due to smoother, faster application performance.

Continuously optimizes user experience, cutting down support queries by 25%.

The Challenge: Enhancing a Well-Loved Platform

In the digital age, merely having an online presence isn’t enough; staying relevant demands continuous improvement and adaptation. Unibank, a key player in Macedonia’s banking sector, recognized this need. While their existing customer-centric apps were functional and well-received, Unibank knew that to stay ahead in a competitive market, they needed to push the boundaries of what their digital services could offer. The apps needed not only an upgrade in features but also enhancements in usability and security to meet the rising expectations of their tech-savvy customers.

Recognizing the need for expert guidance in this high-stakes evolution, Unibank turned to, a leader in digital transformation and innovation in the banking sector. The goal was clear: transform the existing apps into a state-of-the-art digital banking platform that could lead the market in Macedonia. and Unibank:

Elevating the Digital Banking Experience in Macedonia

The Strategy: User-Centered Redesign and Development

The project kicked off with a thorough audit of the existing applications by our team at This evaluation helped us identify key areas for improvement, including user interface (UI) enhancements, user experience (UX) refinements, and backend upgrades to boost performance and security.

Our approach was holistic, aiming not only to enhance the technical capabilities of the apps but also to make them more engaging and intuitive for the users. The redesign focused on creating a seamless experience that would feel both familiar and fresh to existing customers while attracting new users.

The Implementation: A Blend of Innovation and Security

The development phase was marked by a collaborative effort between’s tech experts and Unibank’s in-house team. We introduced modern UI elements that were visually appealing and improved navigation pathways to make financial transactions more straightforward and less time-consuming.

On the technical front, our developers implemented cutting-edge security measures, including biometric authentication and end-to-end encryption, to ensure that customer data remained secure against emerging cyber threats. The integration of these technologies not only fortified the app against vulnerabilities but also reinforced customer trust in Unibank’s digital solutions.

We also enhanced the apps with personalized features, such as custom budgeting tools, spending trackers, and tailored financial insights, which leveraged data analytics to provide value-added services to the users.

Rollout and Continuous Evolution

The upgraded apps were rolled out following a comprehensive beta-testing phase that involved real users. This step was crucial for gathering valuable feedback and making final adjustments before the official launch. The response from Unibank’s customers was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the enhanced functionality and improved user interface.

However, at, we believe that innovation is an ongoing journey. Post-launch, we established a routine of continuous updates and feature rollouts to keep the apps at the forefront of technological advancements. This approach ensures that Unibank can adapt to changes in technology and customer expectations swiftly and effectively.

Transforming Customer Engagement and Operational Efficiency

The impact of the upgraded apps on Unibank’s business was immediately noticeable. There was a significant increase in user engagement, with more customers utilizing the digital platform for their daily banking needs. This shift not only improved customer satisfaction but also optimized operational efficiency within Unibank, reducing costs and freeing up resources to focus on further innovations.

The Future: Forward-Thinking Digital Banking

With the successful upgrade of their customer-centric apps, Unibank is well-positioned to lead the digital banking landscape in Macedonia. Our partnership continues as we explore new technologies and features that could further enhance the banking experience, such as AI-driven financial advice and IoT integration for smarter banking solutions.

The story of and Unibank is a testament to the power of strategic innovation and customer-focused design in transforming digital banking. Together, we are setting new benchmarks for what digital platforms can achieve, ensuring that Unibank remains at the cutting edge of the financial sector.

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